Breastfeeding home and online visits - Childbirth education classes 

International Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) - Childbirth Educator (ICCE) - Doula - Mom of 2

Breastfeeding visits at home

Each home visit is unique and tailored to your need as a
family. Lactation consultants can assist with a number of breastfeeding and baby related challenges (achey tummies, unsettled baby and sleep can all relate to breastfeeding and vice versa).

What to expect during a typical visit: (may differ depending on your needs)
I take a full history of the pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding relationship
I ask questions to understand your challenges as well as your personal goals and desires with regards to breastfeeding
Baby Oral assessment and breast assessment
Observe a latch
Work on latch and feeding positions
Assist with expressing (if needed)
Assist with milk supply issues (if needed)
Any other assessment or support that may be required
Answer any breastfeeding and baby related questions you might have

I may share resources as needed. After each visit I will send through a written personalised care plan. Follow on whatsapp support is included in the fee. Whatsapp support between 9am and 6pm daily.

As a lactation consultant i assist with latch challenges, painful breastfeeding, milk supply challenges, tongue tie related breastfeeding issues, expressing, engorgement/ blocked ducts/ mastitis, tandem feeding, breastfeeding twins, flat or inverted nipples and many more.

approx 60 mins



2 visits $450
3 visits $645

Whatsapp to book the next available appointment:
+65 9866 4597

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Breastfeeding consult - Online

Some new parents prefer an online consultation. These can be done via whatsapp call or zoom. Online consultations are perfect for moms returning to work but wanting information on how to continue the breastfeeding relationship or even when baby is bigger and you are looking for gentle ways of weaning that will fit your personal breastfeeding journey.

What to expect:
Full history taken via messages
I will ask the parent to take certain photos for me so that I can assess baby and do an oral assessment
If latch correction is needed a video of the latch will be required
Video call will be to discuss and provide suggestions
I can also answer any breastfeeding and baby related questions you may have

As per home visits resources may be given and a persoanlised care plan will be provided. Follow on whatsapp support is included in the fee. Whatsapp support between 9am and 6pm daily.

I have a designated business phone that is not accessed by anyone else. All photos and videos are thus private between myself and my clients. This is my professional promise.

Approx 60 mins


Whatsapp to book the next available appointment:
+65 9866 4597 

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Pre-baby Lactation consult

Some couples want to explore and understand breastfeeding before baby arrives. Maybe things didn't go as planned for the first baby and you want to understand why and have a plan in place to prevent the same challenges. Couples also want to understand how breastfeeding works if they have a medical condition or a history of breast surgery. You can book a visit with me to explore breastfeeding before baby arrives. 

Possible reasons for wanting a pre-baby breastfeeding consult:
History of breast surgery
Gestational diabetes
Possible need for early delivery
Understanding breastfeeding after a ceaseran section birth
Flat or inverted nipples 
Couples wanting to prepare for breastfeeding before baby arrives

Notes will be given as needed. 

History taking as needed
video call time
30 - 45mins


1 prebaby and 1 postbaby consult

1 prebaby and 2 postbaby consults $645

Whatsapp to book:
+65 9866 4597

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Childbirth education classes - one on one

Attending a childbirth preparation class is important for the couple so that you understand what to expect for the birth process but also what choices you have. When you understand your choices you can take part in decision making in a better way and feel more empowered during your birth. As a Doula who has been in many birth rooms I also have a deeper insight into the birth process that I share with you.

The classes are done in the comfort of your home. We cover the following and more:
Basics of birth (what happens during the birth process, signs of labour, stages of labour etc)
What to expect at home and in the hospital
When to go to the hospital
Coping techniques for labour
Birth choices (unmedicated birth, medicated birth options, types of births etc)
Partners role and support techniques
New baby care
Breastfeeding basics

The sessions are hands on and hopefully fun. Notes will be provided.

The classes need a total of 8 hours done during evenings or weekend.

8 hours



About Me

Hi. My name is Laura Sayce. I am a Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), Childbirth educator (ICCE) as well as a Birth and Postpartum Doula (ICPD). I also have a BSc in Animal Sciences which sounds irrelevant but it has really helped me understand the natural side of birth and breastfeeding as well as parenting. I have worked in private practice supporting parents since 2008.

I started my journey with my pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding adventures of my first daughter. During pregnancy I did a lot of reading and fell in love with birth. My birth experience made me fall in love with it even more. My breastfeeding journey though was a massive challenge. I saw numerous people for help and support until I was referred to a lactation consultant who changed everything. Breastfeeding went from a daily (well two hourly) struggle to the most amazing thing I ever did. It left me wanting to help other moms find the same "amazing" in their breastfeeding journey. 

I have 2 gorgeous daughters (Ok, I'm biased here I know but they truly are amazing). They have helped me experience motherhood and the practical side of parenting. So I guess you could say I have the "book smarts and the street smarts". My goal is to help other families through their parenting journey. I help families discover and explore their birthing options and once babe arrives I help with breastfeeding and general baby care. It's about finding what works for each individual family. And being there to support the Baby Journey.

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